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Real Matlatl – Mezcal 100% Agave

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Sipping slowly with our eyes closed to maximize the pleasure we savor the smokey, smokey smoothness!  This is a rare and fabulous treat for us and we live a VERY good life!

Some representatives for a Real Mezcal from Mexico have joined us today.  As expected for such a classy organization they are the gracious, warm and as the French say, Tres Elegent!

They have brought us some of the new Mezcal they are producing.  As with all new libations we discreetly look at the back of the bottle . . . There it is!  The easy way to identify a product the maker is proud of!  The erudite essay of manufacture, the love, care and affection poured into each bottle! This label certainly meets the criteria!

We’re on the 5:30 Sausalito Ferry commute from The San Francisco Ferry building.  We have short time before the ferry sails and use it to visit a transitory, unique item the Raygun Gothic Rocketship adjacent to Pier 2 and have a glass of wine to prepare us for the trip across the bay.

We board the boat and everyone is impressed by the congenial addition to our commute.   We share small tastes of this wonderful elixir (accompanied by the warning at 92 proof it’s 20% stronger than most distilled spirits). Everyone is wonderfully impressed with the sample and vows to purchase.  Favorable comparisons are made with Single Malt Scotch!

The addition to our group are charming and amusing and far, far too soon the ride is over and our arrival in Sausalito occurs.  We part and with exclamations of joy and gratitude for making today very, very special.

Life is good.

Cheers, Willy