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Looking today!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

My taste buds can’t believe it! I’ve tasted half a dozen wines today, some under $5 and all under $10 . . . and all wonderful!

We truly live in a wonderful time.  The slow economy and the 2011 harvest are creating opportunities for purchases of good wine at GREAT prices!

Finding a good wine is becoming easier every day.  While many stores and the mainstream brands raise prices there as so many new purveyors of wine that you can do very well indeed!

BE BRAVE!  When you see a value wine give it a try.  My experience is that 70% of the time it’s eminently drinkable.

Life is good!

Cheers, Willy

Real Matlatl – Mezcal 100% Agave

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Sipping slowly with our eyes closed to maximize the pleasure we savor the smokey, smokey smoothness!  This is a rare and fabulous treat for us and we live a VERY good life!

Some representatives for a Real Mezcal from Mexico have joined us today.  As expected for such a classy organization they are the gracious, warm and as the French say, Tres Elegent!

They have brought us some of the new Mezcal they are producing.  As with all new libations we discreetly look at the back of the bottle . . . There it is!  The easy way to identify a product the maker is proud of!  The erudite essay of manufacture, the love, care and affection poured into each bottle! This label certainly meets the criteria!

We’re on the 5:30 Sausalito Ferry commute from The San Francisco Ferry building.  We have short time before the ferry sails and use it to visit a transitory, unique item the Raygun Gothic Rocketship adjacent to Pier 2 and have a glass of wine to prepare us for the trip across the bay.

We board the boat and everyone is impressed by the congenial addition to our commute.   We share small tastes of this wonderful elixir (accompanied by the warning at 92 proof it’s 20% stronger than most distilled spirits). Everyone is wonderfully impressed with the sample and vows to purchase.  Favorable comparisons are made with Single Malt Scotch!

The addition to our group are charming and amusing and far, far too soon the ride is over and our arrival in Sausalito occurs.  We part and with exclamations of joy and gratitude for making today very, very special.

Life is good.

Cheers, Willy

Berringer White Zin 2010 (white, blush, sweet)

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

A hot day in San Francisco & I’m running low on white wine!  No time to panic or to get something else.

I’m on my way to the Sausalito Ferry which sails from the San Francisco Ferry Building at 5:30.

I’ve got a bottle I picked up at Target out of curiosity, I’ll take that and pack it in a FedEx Padded Envelope with some blue ice!  This bottle is Berringer White Zinfandel 2010 . . . Berrigner is a respectable brand by under $5 at Target and Safeway makes me skittish.

I quickly pack this and some cups and off I go.

When I arrive at ferry boat and we’re seated I open the bottle.  We pass it around and all remark on the brand . . . I haven’t told them it’s provenance (where I bought it).  It’s nicely chilled in the Padded FedEx Envelope (free and fairly good insulation!).

We open and pour.  Definitely okay!  It’s a little sweet but it does have flavor and goes down easy right after opening!  We sit and enjoy the highly unusual warmth as the ferry crosses the San Francisco Bay and the tourists enjoy themselves.

Life is Good!

Cheers, Willy

Bought at Target, also available at Safeway and Ralph’s.



Berringer White Zinfindel 2010 (blush, sweet, white)

La Castella Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) (red) 2009

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Sailing Time!  I’m late for the boat!  Thank goodness for the bicycle tourists.  158 bicycles today and the Sausalito Ferry is late unloading at the San Francisco Ferry Building!

It’s a picture perfect day . . . and every tourist stops and takes a photo of the SAN FRANCISCO sign on top of the Ferry Building.  Meanwhile, us commuters patiently await while the aggressively dressed hard bodied young tourist girls.  Today seems that Asia is the source of thin and willowy girl tourists with giggles like silver bells in the sunlight speaking a mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Tagalog . . . The last group on our commute was from Northern Europe, blonde, blonde and and occasional redhead with the throaty, hearty laughter speaking German, and Swedish!

As gracious regular riders of the Sausalito Ferry from the San Francisco Ferry Building we offer to take their picture . . . it’s so easy to be hospitable to beautiful girls whose laughter is a balm for even the most tired and care worn soul.

We live in the destination for beautiful gorgeous young women!

Tonight we’re trying a new wine, La Castella Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) (red) 2009.  Before the boat casts off we open the bottle with a highly audible POP!  The young tourists look at us and smile.  We pour a libation in our commute group . . . a wonderful and soft wine ready to drink immediatey.  Very drinkable.

We enjoy the ride and the scenery around the boat and on the bay.

Life is Good!

Cheers, Willy

Available at BevMo at 2nd bottle for $0.05.

La Castella Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) red - 2009